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  • Title Approval for LMO for food and feeding has decreased by 5% for 2 consecutive years. mail
    Date 2017-06-13 Hit 728

    - KRIBB released “2016 Statistics on LMO”

    - Import of LMO for test and research as well as registration of research facilities increased significantly from the previous year.

    Biosafety Information Center (Director Ho Bin, Chang) of KRIBB (President Kyu Tae, Chang, hereinafter referred to as KRIBB) released “2016 Statistics on LMO” on its website ( on June 13, 2017.

    According to the statistics, LMO approved for import for food and feeding is 9.74 million tons (79% for agriculture and 21% for food) in 2016. It is worth 2.1 billion dollar. The amount recorded the peak in 2014 and has been reduced by 5% for 2 consecutive years (500,000 tons).

    It is judged that food and feeding product companies keep the corn inventory at the high level continuously and the number of livestock was reduced due to AI and foot-and-mouth disease.

    The LMO for food and feeding came mostly from the US (4.74 million tons, 49%) and Brazil (2.57 million tons, 26%).

    The number of LMOs reported as imported for test and research purpose was 3,573 in 2016, which is increase by more than 65% from 2015. The number of registered research facilities is 1,249, 49% increase from the last year. The number of LMO that went to other countries was 158, a significant increase from previous years. It is judged that the increase is thanks to continued education program and promotion making researchers improve their awareness on LMO act.

    Director Ho Min, Chang of the Biosafety Information Center said “many developments has been made in R&D and safety management in relation to LMO in 2016”. “We hope the information we release this time provide an opportunity to look at domestic and overseas trend and statistics and contribute to reasonable decision making in relation to LMO policy”, he added.

    “Statistics on LMO” is composed of various documents that have been collected and organized by Biosafety Center in the previous year in relation to LMO in Korea under the Transboundary Movement, Etc. of Living Modified Organisms Act (hereinafter referred to as LMO Act)“. The statistics are being released every year.

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