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  • Title Overcoming the limitation as a resource-poor country by promoting the utilization of the International Biological Material Research Center mail
    Date 2017-04-16 Hit 498
    - KRIBB holds an international symposium to promote the use of international bio materials.

    - Developing high value added bio products and promoting the commercialization of those products by establishing and promoting the use of a platform for cooperation among industry, academia and research institute related to international biological materials.

    The International Biological Material Research Center (Director Sang Ho, Choi) of the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology (President Kyu Tae, Chang, hereinafter referred to as KRIBB) held the International Symposium to Pomorte the Utilization of International Biological Materials from 10:00 am on April 6 (Thur.) at KRIBB.

    Researchers from 4 overseas regional centers (China, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Vietnam), international bio material experts, domestic industry, academia and research institutes participated at the conference.

    The international symposium was organized to promote the use of excellent biological materials and commercialization of resources that have been secured for the past 10 years and establish a platform for cooperation among industry, academia and research institute.

    The detailed information on the international symposium is available on the website

    The program of the symposium was composed of the presentation on the research outcome related to international biological material projects, technology transfer to 4 cooperative countries and market presentation, introduction of Korean companies related to health functional food, presentation on the latest research on diabetes and panel discussion for the commercialization of technology.

    At the session for technology transfer to 4 countries subject to cooperation and market presentation, researchers from 4 regional center countries including Costa Rica ‘INBio’ made a presentation on the country’s useful biological material information and commercialization of promising technology. In the health functional food company introduction session to support domestic companies to enter the countries subject to cooperation, Novarex and BTC participated. At the panel discussion, experts including professor Eun-Kuk, Park participated to have an in-depth discussion on the promotion of the utilization of secured biological resources and their commercialization. In addition, business meeting between overseas organizations and domestic companies as well as researchers to develop treatment for diabetes based on biological materials.

    KRIBB has conducted studies on the identification of useful international biological materials and biodiversity under the support of the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. By doing so, it supports research to identify source materials to be used to overcome the limitation of Korea, which is a biological resource poor country, and develop high added value food and medicine.

    President Kyu-Tae, Chang of the KRIBB said that the symposium will be a meaningful forum to establish the platform for cooperation among industry, academia and research institute and promote business opportunities and commercialization related to international biological materials.

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