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  • Title Developing a technology that makes adult stem cells move to wound area mail
    Date 2016-07-07 Hit 881
    -Effective regeneration of damaged tissues with highly safe gene delivery technology -

    A domestic researcher team successfully developed a technology that improves the ability of adult stem cells to move for the effective regeneration of damaged tissues.

    National Research Foundation of Korea (Director Jeong Min-geun) announced that the research team led by Dr. Oh Doo-byeong (KRIBB) and professor Lim Yong-taek (Seongkyunkwan University) improved the ability of mesenchymal stem cell, an adult stem cell, to move to damaged tissues using an effective non-viral gene delivery technology based on minicircle.

    The research outcome was published on the online version of Biomaterials (June issue), which is the world’s renowned journal in biomaterial field.

    Genetic engineering manipulation including the improvement of cell’s ability to go to damaged tissues is required to improve the performance of mesenchymal stem cell that is used for cell treatment.

     Gene delivery method using virus has been used mainly but the clinical use of the method is limited due to safety issues including the possibility of causing cancer and immune reaction.

     The research on the development of a technology that delivers useful genes to the mesenchymal stem cell without using virus has been conducted actively but efficiency of the non-viral method is very low.

    The team led by Dr. Oh Doo-byeong revealed that the efficiency of delivering gene is improved significantly by putting useful genes on minicircle and using microporation method and the expressed amount is maintained at a high level for more than a week.


    The gene, CXCR4, which improves the ability to move to damaged tissues, is put on a minicircle and expressed in the mesechymal stem cell and the manipulated mesechymal stem cell is put with intravenous injection for model animals with damaged tissues. It is found that the cell’s ability to move to wound area increased significantly resulting in rapid recovery of the wound.

     It can be said that not virus but minicircle was used to deliver useful genes to mesechymal stem cells.

     Dr. Oh Doo-byeong said “the research is meaningful in that the useful genes are delivered effectively to mesechymal stem cells without using virus improving the ability to move to damaged tissues. We expect that the mesenchymal stem cells can be developed as a cell treatment that regenerates damaged tissues effectively using this technology”.

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